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No measure of time with you, will be long enough. But let's start with forever ♥ -Breaking Dawn
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Quotes by xOxLoveoXo

Count your blessings
 not your problems.



Whenev er

 I see a Fedex truck, I think of the Movie Cheaper By The Dozen. Anyone else?

We stopped checking for monsters under our beds cause we realized they were really living inside of us.

Gunna set my alarm for school 5 minutes later than usual because

noah wrote allie 365 letters.
I think you can text me back now.


Taking 3 advil instead of the recommended 2

Our Grandparents:, 
 I met my first love at a dance, where he gave me a rose and then offered to dance away the night with me. We walked home and then he asked for a simple kiss. Then he opened my front door and I went home!

When  we're grandparents: 

He friend requested me on Facebook and then liked my photo! I knew we were meant to be. Then he retweeted two of my tweets and when he asked for a truth is, he asked to talk to me more! It was love. 


 being there for you.

*daughter all dressed up*
awe hun, where are you doing out too?

daughter: to the bathroom, I need a new profile picture.

  Paperlung's format

life has no remote
get up and change it