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Quotes by xParisee

Someday, someone is going to walk into your life
& make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else
He didn't open your shirt to look at your heart
&& I'm sorry if my eyes don't sparkle anymore,
I'm sorry if my smile is not quite as bright,
but, baby, you destroyed me
i bite my tongue
when you're around
'cause blood in my mouth
beats tears on the ground
sometimes you just have to jump off a bridge
and hope you learn to fly on the way down
the only person you need in your life
is the one who can prove he needs you in his
you know you truly care
when you have to try
to convince yourself you dont
you don't need me as much as i need you
hope for the best, prepare for the worst
expect nothing, and you'll never get hurt
it's ironic how when you're lonely
the whole world seems to be in love