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Quotes by xPassionx4

fungametime. (:
- grab the book closest to you. NOW.

- go to page 56.

- find the 5th sentence.

- don't go looking for your favorite book,
or the coolest one you have-
just grab the closest one!
mine was:
"The last time she'd snuck out to the golf course at
night was four summers ago, when Charlotte insisted
that she, Brooke, and Georgia conduct a seance to conjure
up the ghost of John Lennon."
I don't know why

in some quotes
it's written that we, the public, don't understand
how much they love this "guy", or how much they'd love
to be with them but it's "just not possible".
I'm pretty sure most of us do.

You love him so much your heart aches.
you can burst into tears in the snap of two fingers
because there's just no way in hell you can be with him.
Well that's bull.

Of course you can be with him.
You have to make it happen.
You can't be Snow White and wait around for him.
Do something.
Flash those gorgeous eyes at him.
Flaunt your lush hair.

If he doesn't appreciate you
in any way shape or form
then he's a dick.
There are better guys out there.
Ones that would give anything
for you and your happiness to live on.

We understand, really.
I like glitter and sparkly dresses
But I'm not gonna talk about that
In my monologue
I like baking and things that smell like winter
But I'm not gonna talk about that
In my monologue

La la la,
La la la

I like writing songs about douch-bags who cheat on me
But I'm not gonna say that
In my monologue
I like writing their names into songs
So that they're ashamed to go in public
But I'm not gonna say that
In my monologue

La la,
La la la la la
This is my musical monologue!

You might think I'd bring up Joe
That guy who broke up with me on the phone
But I'm not gonna mention him *rolls eyes*
In my monologue 
Hey Joe, I'm doing real well
Tonight I'm hosting SNL
But I'm not gonna write about that
In my monologue

La la la, ha ha ha
Ha ha ha, ha ha ha, la la la

And if you're wondering if I might
Be dating the werewolf from Twilight
[mouths: "Hi Taylor!" giving a little wave and blows a kiss into the camera and a wink]
I'm not gonna comment on that
In my monologue

La la,
La la la la la
This is my musical monologue

You might be expecting me to say
Something bad about Kanye
And how he ran up on the stage
And ruined my VMA monologue

But there's nothing more to say
Cause every thing's okay
I've got security lining the stage

It's my SNL monologue
La la,
La la la la la
This is my SNL monologue

La la,
La la la la la
That was my SNL monologue

-Taylor Swift on Saturday Night Live
i was willing to put you in harm's way to get there.

********Nothing should be worth that.


Finding Nemo
+things that make life worthwhile+

hot chocolate.
being told you're beautiful.
slow dancing with the person you like.
having car dance parties.
hearing your favorite song on the radio.
screaming your favorite song at the top of your lungs in the car.
the feeling of the sun kissing your skin.
black and white pictures.
going out to the movies.
recieving mail.
getting new clothes.
the smell of freshly baked cookies.
winning a game at the fair.
finding a quote describing exactly what you feel.
completing a puzzle.
the gentle breeze blowing your hair.
eating cookie dough right out of the bucket.
feeling great in that perfect pair of jeans.
laughing uncontrollably until there's tears in your eyes
and your stomach is in agony.
taking long walks.
feeling the warm sand in between your naked toes.
dancing to the full extent.
getting your hair just right.
smelling your favorite cologne.
acing a test.
laughing at an inside joke with your best friend while looking
like an idiot because no one else is laughing but you two because no one else
understands what's so funny.
i'll follow you until you love me

*___I was put my iPod on shuffle and the last song that played was ___*
. . ."my heart will go on" from Titantic. . .
I felt like my life was ending so I let my eyes wander around for a bit.

i'm too young to be heartbroken
i'm too young to lie
i'm too young to want to die.

credit to gymnast8696
[ [ he looked in my e y e s. ] ]
not just looked, saw. saw deep into my soul
and he musthave found that hole in my stomach
r   n    r   n   r   n    r    n    r   n   r
because he sent about a million butterf l i e s
to flutter around in there.