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Welcome to my profile!
There's lots to know about me!

-I'm a Leo!
-Birthday is in 13th August.
-Relationship Status: Forever unknown.
-Crush: Koala.
-What's so good about him/her: He's the hawtess guy I've ever met, he's kind, he takes my breath away, his laugh is music to my ears and I can't see to get enough of him. His hugs are soooo warm and soft... 
-Nationality: French.
-Besties: Maya, Aisha, Raima, Jasmin, Sukhdeep and more!
-Personality: Out-going, bubbly, hilarious, caring, trustworthy and generous.
-Music Taste: I don't really have a music taste really. Just randomly go from genre to genre.


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Cupcake145* 6 years ago
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Hey thanks for commenting I'm lesbian and proud. This girl with the username cold is saying rude things about being gay,bi,and lesbian.
xPuttyMuffinx 6 years ago
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It's alright and to be honest that girl needs to shut up and just deal with the fact that we are who we are. Besides, she's just jealous of us because we be as fab a ever! x3
compliments 6 years ago
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Hello, my dear! I just wanted to say that you're very beautiful. You're gorgeous, smart, kind and a very cool person! If you ever need someone to talk, I'm here for you. Don't ever doubt yourself, because you're perfect just the way you are! Stay strong and absolutely awesome! Hope you have a fantabulous day, dear! :) x
AgainstNoOne 6 years ago
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Haha nice account
Really awesome ;D
EverlastingJoy 6 years ago
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CaramellDansen lol.