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Pride comes before a fall.
Hey, I'm Lizzie, and you are gorgeous.
I'm English. I follow everyone back, love my followers.
 I'm not your normal teenage perfection,
I'm actually really
I look like cow/moose ngl.
Comment if you have questions or
just want to talk.
I'm here for you always.


Quotes by xRaiseYourGlassx

nothing hurts as much as seeing you happy
without me.

I would rather

Have a cat as my only friend, someone who I could share all my problems with and talk to,
than a group of people who would walk out eventually.

Thanks to you

I lost trust in my friends and people who were there for me, but the worst part is, I can't trust strangers anymore, and because of that, the rest of my teenage life will probably never go anywhere.


I thought

That growing up meant I would turn happier, prettier and more confident. I don't really know if I never grew up, that never happened, or I have to wait until I'm thirty.


Don't worry.
You're doing fine
aren't you?

I thought

you could be that person that was there for me when no one else was.

Turns out, you were the reason I needed people  
done wrong.
to be there for me.


If the sun goes down tonight.
 I can promise you, it'll be alright.


Things changed,
 people left, a nd I was there, wondering what I had done wrong.
done wrong.

You can look,
but you won't see
the girl I used to be.

She's so gone.


That amazing day

when they will've created

invisible items.