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Hello my beautiful wittiers, I'm Pam :)
I'm 16. I'm your average teenage girl.
I've been through it all. So if you ever need someone to talk to, or you need advice; come to me. I can help you out.<3
This is my Witty. & I love it.


Quotes by xRawrxImxPamx


"Ryan Lochte, please put your shirt back on."
Said no one. Ever.

perfect. & You're funny & you're amazing & sweet & sensible & sexy & dependable & i love you! & I miss you! & I hate feeling this way & not being able to tell you because it won't matter anyways because you're so far away from me. It won't count! that's why I'll randomly stop talking to you for a couple months. Cuz I miss you too damn much. I can't take being so into you & having to be across the country.

Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for you to tell me that..?


I loved you.
even when it wasn't easy to do.

I wish there
was a 'like' button
for just your name.

Don't give up.
It's okay to ask for help.

I don't have

the heart to hurt you, that's the last thing I
want to do. But I don't have the heart to love
Not the way you


Hang in there, gorgeous.

One day,
being 'just fine' won't be alright with you.
One day,
you'll realize you don't deserve to be miserable.
& when that day comes;
You'll change everything you once were.

That day, you'll be
beautiful & happy.
hat's how it should be.

If your heart is broken, read this.
Sometimes people come into your life so quickly that you don't want to believe they are really there. Then they start to take your broken pieces & put you together, like you are a new puzzle they can't wait to solve. At that moment you don't know how to feel. You don't know whether you should help them put your own puzzle together or if you should lock your pieces up in a box & ship it off to sea. But even if you hide the pieces, they always seem to find a way to get them out of you, because they "want to help" & you just want to believe them. As naive, fragile, & broken as you are, you just want to believe that this person is the one you've been waiting for. That's when you start falling for them. You wake up each morning knowing that they're going to be there, & just talking to them for however long it may be makes you feel like you won a lottery prize. It's amazing how one person has this undeniable power to make you feel like you were never broken to begin with, they put your puzzle together in record timing & you can't help but smile & laugh & you just feel infinite. Everyone notices the change & you begin to feel that every single thing in the world is filled with beauty. Like this whole world was put together for you & you're just beginning to see it all now as if you had been blinded by all your hurt & misfortune in the past. The stars shine brighter & the rain doesn't feel dreary anymore - it feels magical. But then something happens inside yourself that you try to push away, but it has an uncontrollable force attached to it & you can't stop the feeling from escaping: fear. After the unmistakable high, there always has to be a crash. Your head feels heavier as your heart & mind begin to fight a war. Your head says to guard your heart but your heart wants to be open to all the love & joy you are finally being exposed to. Your head knows better, but your heart wants to believe. Your heart wants to believe that that one person won't leave, your heart trusts that all their "pretty words" aren't just "pretty lies". Your head gives up the fight and ends the quarrel with a "I hope I don't need to say I told you so". & your heart feels content. But little do you know that reality isn't always a fairytale. All of a sudden you get a feeling that something has gone terribly wrong, as if you miscalculated & you're about to crash head on into a world that never is what it appears to be. You begin to take a notice that the person who was putting together your puzzle suddenly got bored of working on the same thing day in & day out. You scramble to find all the pieces to lock them away for good, but some are missing, you can't find them all, & you are left more incomplete that you started with. You were a game & you had been played. It had happened so many times before that you knew you should have been more prepared. But with each new disappointment all you wanted was someone to believe in - & who could really blame you? Every new person who entered had a better entrance than the last, so you believed that the better entrance was a sign of something extraordinary to come. You are a dreamer & as a dreamer you should know that reality doesn't always have a place for your dreams to unfold. So now what is left for you? You close yourself off, you rebuild your wall, & you find a safe place for your puzzle pieces to be kept & never seen again. Although this all may seem like the end of the world for you; it's not. Because things always have a way of figuring themselves out. It's okay to cry, & it's okay to feel broken & vulnerable. But there is something you need to do; you need to promise yourself that you won't give up. Because one day everything will turn around, & the stars will shine brightly, & you won't feel so alone. And even when you feel like you've lost everything; just believe that one day someone will come & they won't play you.....because you aren't the game, you are the prize.