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                                                                                                                forever& always 

                                                                      🌸you're cute but you reek of romance and good intentions🌸

Quotes by Safah *

behind those smiling faces, you can never know what someone is going through.

I'll be your clown,
behind the glass.
Go 'head and laugh,
'cause it's funny.
I would too if I saw me.
🍂I hate you for leaving me but I love you for the memories🍂

I miss you.
That's all I'm going to say because nothing else I say will make you want to come back.
Did you know?
I play the keyboard in a band called "The Internet"
the police are looking for someone described as "sexy and funny"
ur ug|y as$ is safe but where can i hide???
I was in a bakery today and I asked for a cinnamon bun and the guy who was serving me said,
"Sorry, we've run out of cinnamon buns, can I get you anything else?"
So I walked right up to his face and said,
"My hungry tummy dont want none unless you got buns hun"
🌸our plans for the future made us laugh and feel close, but those same plans somehow made anything more than temporary between us seem impossible🌸

"I’d rather be called a boy and play with paper airplanes then to be called a man and play with a girls heart.

-Niall Horan