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i dont get on this a lot 

Quotes by xSarahLovesYoux

Saying 'I don't know' to everything when I'm in a bad mood. 

Me: Do not reply to this message.

Other Person: Okay.


Admit it, sometimes you use
Google for a spell check.


That awkward moment
when you see a 10 year old
owning better stuff than you. 


I love it when people I
dislike get in trouble. 


»That risky naked run
From the bathroom to the bedroom. 


Putting your leg out of the blanket and feeling exposed to monsters. 

I like you. She likes you. You like her.


I say, I hate you, we break up,
you call me, I love you.


When you see your friend reaching
for your pack of gum during class.
Oh hell no.