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Face your fears;don't be afraid to be different. ♥ 
Hi, I am Danielle.(: I love photography and writing; express yourself, you know cuz the way you look is too much to handle. I love animals. My favorate band is Nevertheless. I like the Beatles.(: My favorite movie is We Bought a Zoo. ♥

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Quotes by xShewillBEloved

"She stood in the storm
  and when the wind did
not blow her way
she adjusted the sails."



Dance Moms



What is all of this "One Direction Facts, ect." about? This is WITTY PROFILES. Not One Direction Profiles.
I joined witty last year. I joined for inspiration, for hope that one day, ill find my way back to love again.
I am QUITE mad that Witty has turned to this. I miss all of the top Witters. Mostly because they were inspiration. Witty turned upside down.
I logged in everyday, and saw a 12 on my notifications. Now, i see n o n e. Us, witters, that want to give inspiration are being ignored.
I miss you witty. I MISS the way you gave inspirational messages, the way you made girls feel better, and not insecure. I want to stop this. Please help me get witty back.
I want to make a change. Im a directioner, im not gonna deny that, but its gone too far. Make a new website or something, or lower the "facts" and PLEASE let us give hope to girls who need it.
I know this quote wont be SO popular, but sign below if you are willing to make a change to witty, and let it be the way it was again: inspirational, hopeful, and the witty that had those BEAUTIFUL messages.
I know I want to make a change. Do you?






Here is to the girls who give the greatest advice, but they find it hard to help themselves.  
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I'll call it a smart phone the say I lose it and scream "WHERES MY PHONNE?!" and it says "HERE I AM UNDER YOUR BED!"


Behind my smile is a hurting heart.
Behind my laugh I am falling apart.
Look closely and you will see..
The girl I am.. Isn't me.

Mom + Dad - Condom=

the coolest person alive.
Everyday I smile & 

act like nothing is wrong. It 
called putting everything aside
& simply being 


Charmanders are red,
Squirtle is blue,
if you were a pokemon,
I would choose you. ♥

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