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Quotes by xSkatexbitchx

like ur shoes sumtimess they can be quite comfortable but they can also be under u and make u walk all over people u really care about <|3
i love u but i dont knoe y ?
why wen i c u i wanna cry?
why wen u ask me if i love u why do i wanna lie?
why wen u hold me i wanna die ?

y ? b.c ------>ur the only one that can love me right .
y ? b.c ------>b.c the nite'l be ova in a blink of an eye.
y ? b.c ------>b.c i want u to make me fall more in love.
y ? b.c ------>b.c ill never be far from u if i die on u .

idk boredd i guess....<3
(( its only love wen no matter how far away or how close u r theyr alweys on your mind *
(( its only love if u break up and he askes u out atleast one more time*
i(( its only love if u have butterflies like crazzy after kissing him *
(( its onlyy love if u havent seen him for a while and ur missing him*
its hard to c ur sCreEn NAme pop-Up oN the SCreen and Not Be teMpted To I/m It And Se WHut u will Sey ??!?!?
friEnds r the ones who Call u everyday and never forget*friends r the ones who will get in fight to back u up always fall and never get hit <3 friends will stand by u
BabY All i waNt i`z yo`U ((YeAh)).....
((cute lIl sweetIe with the GLossY PInK lIps
sexi lil hunni with the NiCe curVy HiPs
pretty lil girl with nice little cuRlz
these r whut LAdiis r all abOutt)))
;0) \xxxxxxx*xxxxxxx/ (0;
Bo0M B0oM Bo0M I waNt U in My RO0m
i waNNa Go BOOM BOOM N`d SpEnD the NIGht TogEther
TOGEther IN My ROO0m
=0) \xxxxxxx*xxxxxxx/ (0=

put the boom boom boom in bold if u want
I`M DiGiNg On yu`R EnerGy