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guess who's back,
back again

amna needs a layout - hook  meh up?
fan art would be appreciated - thanks :)

Quotes by xSoConfuseDx3

& the sad truth is - everyone changes.
what matters is how you deal
with those changes.

rate & credit.
we said let go ;; but i kept hanging on
inside i know its over - you're really gone </3

i stay in love ; mariah carey.
rate & credit.

hey gorgeous, um i mean flawless
how  i  see  it - is  how  i  call  it

:) music makes my day better <3
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call me mr. flintstone ;;
i can  make your  bed  rock ;)

rate & credit.
bedrock ; young money.
tell `em - keep my name out they mouth
if they don`t know me.

lil' wayne :)
rate & credit.
and   i   don`t   think   you're  beautiful
x think x you`re x beyond x it

ahh, lil' wayne and his way with words :)
rate & credit.
;; since i've lost you
 i'm lost too

eh, idk :] rate & credit.
is a stain they can`t wipe off.

weezy f. baby *
rate & credit.

;; baby cause we're soliders in a war ,
and none of us are backing down. -&
i will show you victory is mine ;  before
we leave this battle ground   -   xoxo*

war ; jay sean*
rate and credit.

[sorry, haven't made quotes in a while..
gotta get my creativity back :\ ]
 that's what she said 
who's she ? and why's she saying
all these dirty things ? ;D

haha, credit to facebook :)