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my life siucks...but i got over tht wen i was 5

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glossy eyes..the fakest smile..looks like ive been cryng again...if uthink im lieing eat u words..they will taste like BULLSHIT
my mistakes and there levels

mistake-thought u really luved me
ha its only a lil one

mistake-thought u cared for me
level-another semi normal mistake

mistake-thought u werent just using me
level-big but understandable

mistake-told u i liked u
level-too many mistakes!

mistake-i beleived u wen u said ily2
level-whoo ur going over board!!

mistake-i still talk to u nd like u
level-now ur just an idiot nd being stupid!
ppl say life is a wonder....
but y isnt it one of the great wonders of the world?
ur still not here
and life is starting to dissappear
i can live without u
i really and trully
**{[(STILL LUV U)]}**
blood dripping down the walls
everybodys down the hall
waiting for ur lips to seal
waiting for ur wounds to heal
listen to the people sing
as the giant church bells ring
stab a knife in your heart
as the evil spirits part
free the blood from your vains
let it out, feel the pain
there is blood in your eyes
so let yourself be victimized ,cuz,
it will rise
it will rise
it will rise!

(idk i was just in an emo type a mood)
u told her u loved her..
and tht made me cry
u asked for a kiss
and then i died
once there was this gyrl..she had a good life till she was at home..her mother called her a failure..anything she did she was critisized and called a failure..so one day she got soo fed up with this life and she went into the bathroom took 12 tylenol pills and slit her wrists..with the last of her strength left she wrote in her blood.."am i failure now?"
yuo said i was the best thing in ur life
u told me i was beautiful
were u just lieing
or were u teeling the truth?

</3 -----> guess i'll nvr kno <----- </3
u were the first..
u were the best..
i luved u the most
u were nvr last
i cared for u
even wen i yelled
i hope u not dead
ur happy and well fed
plz come bck home soon =.[

to my cat who ran away..hopefully by the time this is posted shes bck home with me...