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That amazing feeling when,
Your best friend of 5+ years chooses her boyfriend of three     days over you.

But you still know that when he breaks her heart you'll be the one there, picking up the pieces.


the only requirement of 

having a dream...

is believing in it

Team Edward?   
Hades, no!
Team Percy Jackson<3

x     T     a     k     e     A     M     o     m     e     n    t     x          (              :
Not my format.


braced myself for the goodbye,
cause that's all i've ever known.
+ you took me by surprise;
you said i'll never leave you alone.

you, witty girl! the one with the amazing smile!
yes, you!

i just wanted to make this quote to say..you're beautiful.
all of you are! you have beauty inside of you, 
and don't let anyone tell you any different.
you know that guy, that you're secretly in love with?

he would be lucky to go out with a spectacular girl like you.
any guy would! you're absolutely amazing! 


believe in yourself.


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I remebered something my old English teacher told me:
Ninjas are female samurai.
To all you guys out there who think you are ninjas,
You're not.
You're samurai.
Only females are ninjas.

Not mine. Off of MLIA.

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My birthday,
May 8,

is also...

Coconut Creme Pie
Day, &+

No Socks

Therefore, my next birthday

party will consist of my friends

&+ I wearing no socks &+

eating coconut creme pie.


How epic is that?

Mine, I thinkkk?



Hey Witty! I need your help,
I don't know what the deal is,
But when I click on 'Profile'
You know how you would usually see your
Profile layout [if you have one] and your
Well I don't see any of that, so now
I can't see how my layout turned out,
I can't see my quotes,
I can't see my favorites,
And it's driving me insane..
All I see is
'xTakeAMomentx online now'
'Joined: __________________'
'Las seen online _____________'
My profile pic,
'Block this user'
..It totally stinks.

Any advice? I need all the help I can get..Please Witty! (:


I saw my best guy friend for the first time since June last night,
He didn't even say

What did I do?
I smiled at him, and he looked away...

Well, you know what?!


Be that friggin way.
I have better things to do than waste all of my time on you.

But, still, it hurts. He's like, the only guy I can turn to..

Make that, was.

I'm sooooooo mad right now!!

I'll give you the background story...
During the school year,
There was a rumor that he was going to ask me out.
I told everyone that we were just friends and all that crap,
But he seemed kind of...hurt? I didn't know at the time,
But looking back I think that's it.
Anyways, then after about a week and a half,
We went back to being friends again, but
I could tell that something had changed.
During youth camp he acted like everything
Was fine, but he didn't hang out with our 'group'
As much..
In fact, he straight-out avoided us as much as he
And now, this?!

Major vent.

Advice, more than welcomed! Send me a message, or comment, or whatever it is we do on Witty.




&+That awkward moment when

You take a flying leap onto your bed...and you realize someone was watching.


Mine, I think.