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>hey ppl... this is katie...im a freshmen at hzel green high n i love goin to the beach...& i love to cheer! my best friend in the entire world is rebecca farmer!n i have a man his name is daryl beaman and weve been goin out for 3 months!i am in love!< *there are some guys a girl can never forget! but then there are also guys that u could never go a day without seeing, talking, or IMimg! n girls n guys both i hope n pray yall find one of those people you cant live without cause i kno i did! even if you go thru one of those times wen a person can make u think theyre sum1 that there not! eventually u will find 1 u can b urself around...i did! *always remember* be urself n the right one will cum 2 u

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