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And who do you think you are?
Running around leaving scars.
Collecting your jxaxr oxf hxexaxrxtxsx.
A n d  t e a r i n g  l o v e  a p a r t .
You're gonna catch a cold
from the ice inside your soul.
So don't come back for me.
Don't come back at all.

I never knew
I could miss someone
this much </3

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comments would be pretty freaking amazing! and sorry it's short. I'll write more later!

Chapter nineteen

After I shook Bobby's hand, I sat back down on the trampoline. I looked over at Jordan and Lily, they both smiled and then winked at me. I laughed and so did they. All the guys were looking at us, but we just kept laughing.
"Okay. Since everyone some what knows each other, want to get the fire going?" Matt asked.
"Sure." I said jumping up. I waited for everyone else to get off, not wanting to be rude. I shivered a bit as the wind blew through my hair. Bobby looked back at me.
"Cold?" he asked.
"A bit, but I'm fine!" I said with a smile.
He shook his head. He took off his sweatshirt revealing a plain white T-shirt. "Here."
"No Bobby. I can't. You'll be freezing!"
"Please just take it."
I smiled. "Fine." I took the sweatshirt out of his hand and put it over my head. I pulled the bottom down and fixed my hair. I looked up at him and smiled. "Thanks. It's really warm."
He smiled. "Well I'm glad I could help!"
He helped me out of the trampoline and then followed behind me to the fire pit. I sat down on a log and he sat down next to me...

 Stacey Soloman,

To Win I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (:




& I'm The Kind Of Girl,
That wears hoodies in summer,
T-shirts in winter


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Dear girls out there,

stop letting him drag you down.


All he wants to do is see you hurt.

Why give him what he wants?

A girl who cares

if you need any help or advice feel free to ask :)