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Quotes by xTheBeatlesx

You don't know other peoples lives. Lets stop the hate and criticism and bad judgments. Lets see how long you can go without hurting someone else. You don't know if YOU caused someone's depression, self harm, hatred for themselves.
For all you know you could be leading them to think of suicide

& across all the scars on her arm
she got
To Write Love On Her Arms

& I Love how he thinks calling me baby is cliche

My little sisters imaginary friend got sent to jail today..
even she doesn't know why..


I love little kids <3


My boyfriend isn't a Prince in Shining Armour. He's a goofball in tin foil.
But I love my goofball in tinfoil.
Besides, I don't think shining armour is really his thing anyway.

I love you matt <3
What's the point of putting a gazillion &&+ in front of every quote?
it looks so stupid

he is a computer nerd and she is a book nerd
but together they might as well be
cinderella and prince charming
bell and the beast
romeo and juliet
music is like candy; all the rappers belong in the garbage


I love guys with accents

You're funny, cute, kind, caring, tall, your accent is adorable, forgiving, sensative, nicest guy out there, you never fail to compliment me, soo tall, still give me butterflies