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Aria <3
Hey there :) My name is Aria, from the United States :3 I just turned 16, and am single ;D. I don't trust easily, although in general, I'm pretty nice to everyone. I don't tolerate biotches, so please don't bother, I'll just ignore you- happily. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask. Hope to see you later chikas and chikos :) love you all 

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Me on the way to my aunt's house
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I've always heard that if you dream about someone, that person is thinking about you. No wonder guys I like never come into my dreams...



♥ My best guy Wittyfriend is surfer4life

   This boy is amazing, funny and incredibly good


My  best  girl  wittyfriend?  Well  that's  a  no  brainer.

xosarah86, you are AMAZING, super fun and 

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Me: On witty chatting
Me: *hears mom coming*
Me: *Goes onto a new tab with dictionary.com*
Mom: *Comes in* Oh Aria, you're studying! Lovely! *Leaves*
Me: Flips back to witty

Only me?

 arguing with someone on chat

and logging out after you sent something

so you get the last word

Dear Boy,
I don't know who you are, or when we'll meet, i just hope we do so soon. I pray that you will love me for me, and not compare me to any girls who are prettier, skinnier or more fun. i hope that you will remember that play soccer, not lacrosse and that my eyes aren't blue, they're a dark hazel. Please know that i may be shy at first, but don't be afraid to kiss me, i'm sure your kisses will be perfect. I don't cry easily, but if I cry, it must be because I am going through a rough time, just hold me close. I hope you don't think I'm asking too much of you, I'm just nervous and a little scared. Every relationship is like a new game of cards, and well, I've never been very good at cards. I promise to love you forever



P.S. If you read this whole thing, you just became my favorite person in the world. <3

all I want 

is to fall so hard in love

that it hurts 

When all the little girls wanted to be princesses and fairies, 

I was that weird kid who wanted to be a quarterback.

~for all the tomgirls out there :)
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Dear Rose, 

There was definitely room in that raft for both of us

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