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My boyfriend is like a trampoline

i dont have a trampline.
Today he made me the happiest girl in the world <3
I just hope now he doesn't screw it up.


I will leave the password

to all my accounts

in my will 

to my best friend

so she can change my status

to chillin with Jesus


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Don't let the fear of striking out
keep you from playing the game.♥




lets face it...

Yesterday we all watched the kids choice awards

Click the little heart  if your still a proud Nickelodeon fan <3

So for April Fools Day my friend and I

1.)Put yellow food coloring in a water bottle, told my brother it was our pee and drank it in front of him. 
2.) Covered my other brothers bed, closet door, windows and dressers in  post-it notes.
3.)Froze their toothbrushes by putting them in a cup of water and sticking it in the freezer.
 (Went back to her house)

4.) Hung pads and tampons all over her brothers room. 
5.) And finally got into a water balloon fight with her sister.

Best April Fools Day Ever <3

That feeling of accomplishment when
the guy you like, gives you his sweatshirt to wear 

Cry me a river...
Build a bridge...
 Then you have two choices...
Get over it
Jump off


**Mine i think**