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Fan art say whattttt?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Feel free to make me fan art! :D I will love you for it!

_fadeyourheartout Thank you so much!^

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Thanks XxJessxisxherexX^

Thank you Lovely94! I love it
While I'm still young;

[x] Sneak out

[x]Go to a party

[x] Have my first kiss

[x] Pull an all nighter

[x] Wish on a shooting star


Travel to france and go on the eiffel tower

[x]Make a quote that reaches 500 favs.

Publish my book

Do something that will have a good
effect on people

[x] Be in a play

See a tornado in person

Get over my fear of heights

[x] Tell a boy what reallly happened
when we broke up and not
just the mask he saw.

Catch a ball in the stands of a major league baseball stadium.

Fall deeply in love -- helplessly and unconditionally.

Climb to the top of Mount Everest!

Set foot on each of the seven continents

Ride an elephant

Learn to ride a surfboard properly

Learn to sail a boat

Spend time out in the open sea

Go into the jungles of Africa

Climb an active volcano

Participate in burning man [NO A REAL MAN ISN'T BURNED!]

Go to a Oktoberfest

Stand at the North or South Pole

Participate in the world’s biggest water fight during Thailand’s
New Year’s festivities

Shake hands with someone who has changed a Country

Why Hello There  Sunshine
  Whats your name? Mines Dakotah (:I want to do the unthinkable and reach the unstoppable. I want to live life without plans and just drive down the road, picking the most random spot and end stopping and doing something crazy. I want to make some boy fall in love with me and i mean ME! like the real me, who i am. He may think i'm crazy though. I'm weird and want to do stuff i can look back on and say FUCK YEAH I DID THAT! to my grandchildren.
I'm a lover and a fighter. I get angry easily, but I'm working on it. I party, sleep, and think too much, but I get my shit done. I have a weakness for sweet talkers, but I'm learning and enforcing my boundaries. I don't let many people in, but once they're in, they're there forever. I'm strong and independent and I've been broken, but never shattered.
Want to know more about me? Then get at me because i will be your easiest hello and hardest goodbye<3
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Quotes by xXTwilightlvrXx1901

I wish it could be simple,

Like a retro pop song, "I want you to want me."

BOOM. En of story.

You have to get hurt
t h a t ' s  h o w  y o u  l e a r n
the strongest people out there,
the ones who laugh the hardest
w i t h  a  g e n u i n e  s m i l e,
those are the people who have fought
the toughest battles. Because they're decided that
t h e y ' r e  n o t  g o i n g  t o  l e t  a n y t h i n g
hold them down, they're showing
T H E    W O R L D

who's boss

Today in Latin
my teacher told me that the word
in Latin means poorly or badly.
It all makes so much sense now!


&& I want to be your


A heartbreak isn't always
as loud as a bomb exploding. Sometimes, it's like a feather falling,
& the only person who can hear it is you.( )


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H e      l o o k e d     a t     m e     a n d     s a i d, " D o    y o u   e v  e r   f e e l   l i k e   y o u ' r e
you're never going to get? A shoot and miss kind of deal.
L i k e    n o   m a t t e r   w h a t,  y o u  c a n ' t   h a v e   i t.   B u t
a little more?" I looked at him for a second,


It's funny, how when someone says they love you,
you can't really feel it,
but when they say they don't love you anymore
you can feel every ounce of what
was, drain out of your entire being.

Scooby Doo: Raggy? Do i quit?

Shaggy: No Scoob, friends don't quit.