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"To all the girls out there: You're beautiful"
-Demi Lovato 


to be honest
I am surprised i am still alive

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I lost the battle
a long time ago


Last night,I tried to talk my friend out of killing herself.I couldn't  convince her not to though.I woke up this morning after only 2 hours of sleep with a text saying"It didn't work"I was so happy.I cried.

But Last night,the last text I got from her was"I love you too"
I cried all night.And I cut all night.I was going to swallow three pills that I hoped would kill me.But I didn't.I just put them in my mouth.Powder from them got into my system.My stomach was wrenched.Then I relized,If she killed herself,what good would I be if I did too?
So my friend is ALIVE and so am I.

I'll take a razor to my wrist
A handful of pills for my mouth
A rope for my neck
And finally,I will be happy

Am I worthless?

Give me ONE good reason NOT to kill myself tonight.


       I am broken

I am scared

I am scarred

I am done


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going back to not eating.
wish me luck.


Diary ome
Today is the fourth day.February 11th.
Tomorrow is my best friends birthday.
Happy Birthday Emily.I love you.
I snapped.I took out a pair of scissors.
I pressed hard.
I pulled.I
actually had to bandage tis one.
In the process,I killed 9 butterflies.