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Lizz be my name and i blow the candles out on October 5th. I love chocolate ice cream and Taco Bell. [:

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Quotes by xXlover83Xx

i just want you to know

that i'm completely over you

your beautiful eyes

your heart stopping smile

your ever present laugh

your caring heart

and everything else i ever loved about you

who am i


when i look at
  all i see in your eyes is her

 today i woke up and looked in the mirror and thought
®   what the hell   ®
so i threw my hair up and put on a sweatshirt 
turned on the tube and caught up with my two true guys
Ben ---->and<---- Jer

  i'd like to go on pretending
that your eyes don't sparkle around her like gems
that when you hug her you don't hold her tighter than you ever held me
that you don't keep your phone on you every minute of every day in case she texts you
that your hand doesn't find its way to hers when your walking together 
that you two won't last very long
but lying to myself
is d e s t r o y i n g me
 this night's a perfect shade of 
 dark b l u e <----------

I've seen 14 years of the most beautiful things
and in just three months you've completely captured me


[type your heartbreak here]

could you stop talking;;                                                                        
and just kiss me already?


i just hope you know ;;
that while you're out there having fun;
i'm in here listening to sad songs

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