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Status: Dying. Rick Riordon, you are horrible. But I still love you!!
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Location: My adventures are in the literary sense :)
16 is coming... I'm scared.

I am an anti-social person... (most of us are.) 
I love to read books and listen to music and draw. Now I am also taking up writing. Currently I am writing a story on Wattpad- find me at xXsilentxforeverXx (or something like that).

I'm not special or anything...
I am so weird you'll be so weirded out you'll think I'm weird.
Apparently writers are socialy awkward... So that makes me a writer!

Oh Btdubs, I'm Christian.

Don't worry I don't always talk like that...

I have *insert number* and it's still going on! :) 
Lets just say this box is all about music. O.K? Good.

Any(mostly) Christian music
Monsters of Men
Cold Play
and I can't think anymore because it's like 9:50 here and my brain shutdown along time ago...

My goal is to become a fashion designer.. I know tuff luck... And also to write dozens upon dozens upon dozens of books... Probably won't make it to the third dozen.... Oh well....

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