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heYy ! ! ! ! ! ! iM mE iF yOu wAnt mOre quOtes ! ! xOx sanTina xOx

Quotes by xXsumMerchIckXx

<bOston girls are pretty, new yOrk girls
- - are smart, but it takes a jersey girl to
`*win a fella's heart flOrida girls are tan
<3 chicagO girls are silly, but when you
.want the best lookin girl you got to go
~ southwest of philly califOrnia girls are
wild, texas girls are fun, but a jersey girl
. . is a jersey girl, come on theyre #1 . .
(girls will be girls, north east sOuth and)
[ west but take it from me, jersey girls ]
~rate the best to any man who reads~
{ [this, and truly wants to knOw, if you] }
. have a jersey girl yOu would never let .
her gO
lacrOsse cheEr:

wE don'T drInk nO lemOnadE
aLL wE drInk iS gatOrade
wE don;T plaY wiT baRbie doLLs
wE juSt plAy wiTh lacrOsse baLLz
sOund ofF
sOund ofF

xOx sanTina xOx
i look into your eyes
and see black burning flames
i ask wutz rong?
but you act the same
you don't want to eat
and painted your nails black
you start wearing chains
and in school you start to slack
i can't decide what to do
i figure itz a stage
but when i loOk inside you
your in your own little cage
you wear heavy black makeup
and start to get in fights
and when i come over to your house
you turn off all the lights
you painted all your stuff black
i turn and ask why
but when i see your face
i see you start to cry
im sorry that i did this
i knew its is what i had to do
i knew i had to tell your mom
maybe she could get through
when i went and told her
she acted lyk she didn't care
she turned away and gave me
a really nasty stare
so then i could do nothing...
i just wanted to cry
until i found a brilliant plan
to help you pass this by
unfortunately i was to late
to help you through your life
cause when i arrived at your house
you stabbed yourself with a knife

r. i. p.

xOx sanTina xOx
gOd maDe ocEans
gOd maDe laKes
gOd maDe [naMe]
wE aLL maKe mIstakeZ

xOx sanTina xOx
- -thE diRty loOks
thE jeAlouS stAres
-thE funNy parT iS
- yoU thiNk i caRe

xOx sanTina xOx
iM nObOdyZ angeL
buT itLL seEm
lYk im yOur angeL

xOx sanTina xOx
`*`*`*peOple aLwayz teLL yOu tO
`*`*`*keEp yOur heAd uP hIgh n'
`*`*stAnd uP taLL buT soMetimeZ
[>thE onLy wAy tO staY strOng<]
`*`*`*`*iS tO leT yOurseLf faLL

xOx sanTina xOx
peOpLe teLL mE : :
i nOe whaT yOur gOing thrOugh: :
i jUst smiLe anD thinK : :
iF onLy yOu kneW

xOx sanTina xOx
- neVer frOwn- - - -
caUse yOu neVer knOe
whO iS faLLing iN <3
- wIth yOur smiLe- -

xOx sanTina xOx