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The name's Alyssa. Friends call me Lys--and you can too. i have six best friends. BM,MG,KB,KS,SK,NB --my favorite colors are sea foam pink. ♥

Quotes by xXxVindicatedxXx

He was my first love;;
We colored pictures and watched disney movies together;;
and it felt like the kisses and hugs would last forever;;

But he met someone new.
And soon he was gone...
So i put away the movies, and pictures we had drawn.

Soon he got married,
and my mother and siblings-they cried
my once best friend ignored me-it was like he had died

It's been over a year and we still haven't talked
some know him as Dennis..and it makes me sad.
Because although i shouldn't-in my heart I still call him Dad.

that's for all you guys out there who have lost their dad. i miss him. and i needed to write a poem.

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Hold onto memories..because no matter how far you grow from people--the good times you had will always remain in your heart<3

Made it up really fast lol so it kinda sux

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~The only thing better than smiling at you...
Is Watching you smile back*

My most favorite quote ever!!



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It seems like only yesterday,
the pain was here to stay,
the words hurt my heart,
and I wished he hadn't said what he decided to say

He said it was over,
I stood there in shock,
My head throbbed in pain,
My heart as cold as a rock

We still talked,
but it wasn't the same,
he broke my heart,
and made love a game

But then things got better,
He loved me again,
Just when I thought my fairytale was over,
It really hadn't even began
I thought it could happen,
maybe you and me,
I thought we could last forever,
But you just didn't see

When I told you,
you said something mean,
I think you thought I was crazy
or that's how it seems

I was hurt for a while,
But I never let go,
I just told you a lie
Still deep in my heart I did care though

To this day
I just will wish and hope,
it may take a while
But until then I'll have to cope


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This is my heart breaking in two,
Splitting down the middle because of you.
Why don't you love me?
Why don't you care?
Sometimes I wonder if you even notice I'm there.
I wish you would whisper softly in my ear,
But I know that you won't and out flows a tear.
Why do you hurt me?
Why won't you give me a chance?
It's as if you are caught in someone else's trance.
I wish you would say that you'll love me forever,
Instead you say that we can't be together.
Why do you treat my love like a joke?
Why can't you love me too?
This is my heart breaking in two,
Splitting down the middle because of you.



i take poem requests;)
Have you ever got a feeling
when that someone comes around?
Your heart skips a beat
and nothing makes a sound.

Have you ever stayed up all night
remebering all those times
the times you spent together
giving eachother special signs

Have you ever sat for hours
thinking of that rainy day
watching him kiss her
and then watch him go away

Have you ever tried to tell him
that you wish the pain would stop
that shes not the girl she seems to be
and that you wish you were on top

written by* me
Completly Original~
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Z Sometimes you just have to wish....
Hold ur breath and count to 10....
Think about the good times you had...
And just hold onto your dreams.......
cuz thats all u got

Put Z in font should be a moon and a star

S O F T B A L L isnt just a hobby...its my life!!