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sorry witty..... ive had to leave... ill be back!

you called me Ugly,

when i prefer the term "attractively disabled".

the pains of life

treat HER the way you would
have wanted your mom to have been treated in the past
want your sister to be treated in the present
want your daughter to be treated in the future♥

format sandrasaurus(:
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It says "MOST BEAUTIFUL TEENAGER" not the best pic of one of your horse days!!!!!


just because he's not cute, doesn't mean he's not my type
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start.
dont get mad if he doesnt notice your new hair, shoes, clothes. get happy because now you know that he doesnt only look at what your wearing :)
you can tell what a girl wants from a guy, just by going through her ipod or witty
i was at MAC the other day and i saw the cutest little girl there.. i was only wearing some mascara and lipgloss... she kept on staring at me and smiling!  then she went to her mom and told her "mommy look.. its a real dolly♥. "
i went out the door today, looking like i just rolled out of bed! then i went to the mall and was at sephora, and saw this little girl there looking at mascara and foundation... i went up to her and asked how old she was and she responded 11. i asked why are u looking at makeup? she told me it was bcuz she wanted to feel and be beautiful.. i said for who.."for the guy who doesnt know i exist...... (damn.. society sucks)