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K.Y.L.E.N.E - - - - - - - - -> E.L.i.Z.A.B.E.T.H;
i fadde, i take requests (: all you have to do is justt
comment me and tell me what you want it to say. u
can pick colors too.I love making fades& ofcourse i
L    0    V    3    3            . x .           W    i    T   T    Y
and, yes, im obsessedd. im nice so ill try not to be
mean to anyone on witty. i wont maake quotes onn
this account, buut hit me up on;   xiL0V3Y0UUx

for my amazing quotes (: Me and my home cheese
burger baylee over herre are bestest friends till the
ennnd and were both 13 years young, going on 14
we love to have fun, we always stay up laatee andd 
P       a       a       r       r       r       t       y       y       y
our booottiies off <\3 love the computer and sports,
in particularly sofftball :P baylees def better then me
at softball thou., but i own at computers (: hehe <33


B    A    Y    L    E    E    G    A    i    L;
i also fade. kylene is just a little LOT
better i try my hardest.Youu can pick
who your request is for, nd we don't
G   E   T     O   F   F   E   N   D   E   D
so dont be afraid to ask for someone
inparrticular to fade 4 u. Ohh and i jst
wannt everyone to know that me & ky;
from first.grade until    -D  E   A   T  H.
I dont get on witty that oftn but kylene
will let me know if i have any requests
so i get them dun and fufil the wittiers
fading neeedds <\3 .x. iL0V3KYL3N3
         h a h a h a h h a a h a h a .


       - - > DisasterFadesx < - -
       - - > FabulousFades <- -
             *let me knoww*(:

Current Status;  Onlinee.
Taking Requests?; Deffinitely.

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Steve 3 years ago
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Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.
FabulousFades 1 decade ago
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I wanted to stop in to say you have positively amazing fades. I'm glad you also think Rachel and I have great fades as well. (:

( PS. If you ever need help for fading or anything, just give us a call! :D )
hiddenshadows 1 decade ago
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It worked!! Thanks so much, I'll be sure to add some special credit to you everytime I use it. :] Mind if I follow you? (on witty)
x_MassiveFader 1 decade ago
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no problem, and you have to copy and paste it into your url box at the top. hahaa :P
hiddenshadows 1 decade ago
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Thanks SO much but it's not letting me click on it?
bang_me_babyxO 1 decade ago
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yeah howd you get fades?
xballerrrx12x 1 decade ago
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can you make me a dark colorful fade that says
i want a guy who wants me back[:
then cann you let me know when its done?
babyy_monkeyy 1 decade ago
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i would love a fade saying...

Je' Taime

for my profile thanx muchly..
oh i like the more duller colours
like green, black, gray, blue thankies

babyy_monkeyy xoxo

p.s. follow me :D
hiddenshadows 1 decade ago
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Sure i'd love some fades! You must've noticed i'm not very creative with the colors... anyways, your help would be just GRAND