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Quotes by x_Obssessed_x

Baby, I love you, I never want let you go♥
The more I think about the more I want to let you know♥
That everything you do, is super duper cute and i cant stand it♥



          I Just Thought...
Does anyone else wonder if there is a 'witty profiles' for guys?


Don’t cry
Open up your eyes and know
There’s someone else out
there that feels this way
I’m singing to you
Cause I know what you’ve been through
and now
It’s not so long ago I felt the same

Like soldiers
March on
If we can make it through the night
will see the sun
March on, march on
Good Charlotte - March on <3

 - I've marched across this battlefield -
- Screaming out, can you hear me now? -
- I'm holding on, I stand my ground -
- Screaming out, can you hear me now? -



I cry a little inside when I see if I have any favourites and it says..
So sad, no one has favorited this quote yet.  
Credit to well_i_would_never :)
I don't want to see tweet about JB,
Cause the only people that you know,
Is you and me.♥



Justin Bieber -- Kiss and Tell.

It's funny how you change[d]
as soon as you get another girl♥

For you i'd write a symphony,
i'd tell the violins,
it's time to sink or swim,
march and play for ya,
For you i'd be (woah,woah),
runnin' a thousand miles,
just get to where you are,
step to the beat of my heart

(not sure if they are the right words :\ oh well :))

I cant live without you
Can't breathe without you I dream about you honestly
Tell me that its over
'Cause if the world is spinning and I'm still living
It wont be right if were not in it together
Tell me that it's over<3

There is a girl standing over there and you wouldn't know it but she is broken.


Maybe you havn't noticed because of her fake smile.


Or maybe...it's because you would never want to think that its because of you </3

Pretty Rubbish :)
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