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when i smile at people 


literally makes me want to drop kick them

cheer the  f/ck up


- Sam pepper    



"I had a friend growing up, who was abused
abused by her dad, i made a vow
to myself that I'll never hurt my daughter."

- Niall Horan ♥


format credit to OneDirection

Th min heart  attack
you have when your foot slides down one stair. ♥
Whenever someone says "you just made my day" it makes my day :)
A fan gave Zayn a book called
'Why Smoking is Bad For you',
And Zayn broke down in tears,
Hugged her and sad 'I'm so sorry."
you: hey sexy
*relationship lasts 2 months*
me: goodmorning beautiful, I  missed you.
*relationship lasts 2 years*

nmf - i follow back ^.^

Here's to the girls
Who don't wake up with perfect hair. 
Who don't mind eating a Big Mac instead of a salad. 
Who don't wear 50 pounds of make up
Who'd rather spend the day in sweatpants than in skinny jeans. 
Who don't get all of the guys
Who aren't "popular" but wouldn't trade their friends for the world. 
Who choose sneakers of heels.
Who aren't afraid to break a nail .
Who don't always get everything they want.
Who don't need a guy to tell them they're  beautiful.
Here's to all the girls who are
just like me.

John Blunk: Saved his Girlfriend by throwing himself on top of
her using his body as a shield
Alex Teves: Pushed his Girlfriend to the floor and was struck by
a bullet in the process
Matt McQuinn: Dove on top of his Girlfriend as soon as the 
shooting began.

Note: They sacrificed their lives to 
have their Girlfriend to live. They inspired me so much from the 
Colorado Shooting. They are definitely the Heroes of Colorado Shooting
They gave me a lots of Hope. 


This quote does not exist.

We Are Teens #15:
Seeing someone pretty and wishing you were them.