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'So where's the fire?'


People call me bella./billie;  whatever floats your boatt.

I'm a pretty crazy girl. I'm not a girly girl or anything. I know how to have fun and if you can't deal with that; that's fine. I'm myself, no one can bring me down. I try to live it up and be in the best mood I can.

I CANNOT live without my friends. ilyguysss. you are the freakingg besstt. We may have our crazy times but who cares? We're being ourselves.

I have the most ahmazingg boyfriend everr. [ilysmjeremy]

I play guitar and piano. I absolutely am in lovee with music its my passion. chyeahbby.

I do NOT like rap, or country or any of that bull. [there are a few excaptions thoughh. like hollywood undead and 3OH!3]

the bands that i couldn't live without would be -Bullet For My Valentine -Paramore -The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus -The Almost -A7X -Papa Roach -Atreyu -Killswitch Engage -The Used -Theory of A Deadman -Hollywood Undead -Scary Kids Scaring Kids -Hinder -Silverstein -From First To Last -3OH!3 -Alter Bridge -Sum 41 -Puddle of Mudd -Three Days Grace -Bowling For Soup -Buckcherry -Creed -Escape The Fate  -And a crap load more.[thats not even a freaking quarter.]

Get to know me betterr. leave commentss. pceemann.<3

'You've begun the rain.

Quotes by x_Toxic_Insanity_x

Just a little more.
Come on and satisfy me.
Just a little more.
Come on and terrify me.
Just a little more,
And I'll be done with it.
Take my life,
And then I'll feel okay.

-It's Just Me . Escape The Fate-

How can I miss you if you never would stay? If you need time I guess I'll go away.
Inside me now there's only heartache and pain.

So where's the fire?
You've begun the rain.

-Harder Than You Know . Escape The Fate-

And now you wish that you meant something
And now you wish that you meant something to somebody else.
And now you wish that you met someone
And now you wish that you meant something to
somebody else.

-Something . Escape The Fate-

It's not too late, I'm close behind. I've gotta get inside your mind.
Lost my faith but don't you cry.
I got a hole inside and its ten miles wide.

-10 Miles Wide . Escape The Fate-
Alright, I need a bit of help.

-My friend hates my boyfriend.
-She's never really talked to him.
-She thinks I ditched her for him.
-She thinks I'm ignoring her.
-She doesn't want to be my friend anymore.
-Her and her ex [when they were together] used to ditch me.
-She thinks I was never there for her.
-She thinks I never cared, when I did.
-And all of this other stuff she thought.

Advice please? I want to know whether I should try to be her friend again or if I should say, "screw her I don't need her I have plenty of friends." or anything?


I can't live without,
All I think about,
All I want is you.

You're all I dream about,
I can't live without,
All I want is you.

I just can't live without you,
When all I think about is you,
And all I want is you..<3

-My boyfriend dedicated this song to me. It's called All I Want by Staind
My boyfriend gave me a note the day before Valentines Day because he couldn't see me on that day. This is what it said;

"I know we have only met about a week ago but I really love you.
Baby, you have no idea how much I love you.
You make me really happy. Baby I never want to lose you, you're really amazing.
I know we have only been with each other for a couple of days, but
I want these couple of days to last forever.
You have made these past couple of days, the best days.
You make me really happy and I hope I do the same with you.
Baby, I love you so much."

You had my heart;
At least for the
most part
Can't Stop
[Won't Stop]
I m u s t b e d r e a m i n g

x I Must Be Dreaming - The Mainee x
And I wonder if there's any -- .x.--
turning away from this

came to my mind. its probably comfusing a bit though.
my only hope's to see you `
and if I n
ever do
But you won't take away my pride ; not this time.
wake up ; I'm pounding on the door.
         I won't hurt you anymore.