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i'm sixteen.
i blow out the candles on august ninth.

my favorite color is pink.
i love cheerleading.
don't label me.
labels are for grocery items and i am obviously not a grocery item darling :)

You can put anything in here!!!!







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Quotes by x__peaceee


You have a lifetime of love awaiting you.

Why are you wasting it on some boy who  d o e s n ' t  e v e n  c a r e ?

S  a  v  e   i  t  .

Save your love for someone who knows your [[ e v e r y  f l a w ]] 
but still cares enough to come over at t h r e e  i n  t h e  m o r n i n g  when you're sick.
Save your love for someone you
w h e n  y o u ' r e  o l d e r .

D o n ' t  t h r o w  i t  a l l  a w a y  n o w .


Today, I was watching Dora the Explorer.
 At the end of the episode,
she asked what was our favorite part.
I said "The part when your boobs fell off".
Dora replied with "Yeah, I liked that too!
They jiggled and jiggled and jiggled!".
I laughed for about an hour. 

The stars are always there
 but we miss them in the dirt and clouds.
We miss them in the storms.
Tell them to remember hope.

We have hope.

From the story to "To Write Love On Her Arms."
My parents keep asking how school was.
It's like saying, "
How was that drive-by shooting?"
You don't care how it was,

you're lucky to get out alive.

Quote from "My So Called Life"
Colors and fade by me.
You're slower than a retarded snail
lugging a retarded turtle
through extra crunchy peanut butter.

Quote from Xanga.
You don't even believe in forever do you.

quote from Xanga.