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i'm sixteen.
i blow out the candles on august ninth.

my favorite color is pink.
i love cheerleading.
don't label me.
labels are for grocery items and i am obviously not a grocery item darling :)

You can put anything in here!!!!







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x__peaceee's Favorite Quotes

wipe away the tears;;
because he doesn't deserve to know he got the better of you
he doesn't need to know you called your girls over&&broke
out finding nemo.  he doesn't need to know you cried when
nemo's mommy died.  he also doesn't need to know you
exerted many more calories then necessary.  but who cares.
you're a free woman.  be daring.  be wild.  you're a single
like beyonce who wanted a ring on it.  so just be happy
& look for other fish in the sea like nemo<3
Think Dirty Thoughts.
-Finding Nemo.

Ok then (:

fade by fabulousfades.
you're really cute,
but I can't understand
what you're saying.
-Finding Nemo
#1 way to embarass someone!
ask       someone      in     a     loud      voice                                                                                                                      
[watch as people turn to see...]
#1 way to freak people out in an elevator!
sit in the corner of the elevator, and hold your head stressfully, and say quietly:                                                                                             
'The doctor said you aren't real !  What do you want ?!'
                                                                                                                                                                   [watch as people try to get out as soon as possible....]
No one is afraid
of heights, they're afraid of the ( fall. )
No one is afraid to play, they're afraid
to lose. No one is [ afraid ] of the dark,
they're afraid of whats in it. No one is
afraid  to  say,   "I love you."  They're
` - - - >>   afraid   of   the   >response< 

Tonight, I was listening to the    r a d i o    on my way home.
" H e a r t l e s s "     by Kanye West came on.
A     f e w     s e c o n d s     i n t o     t h e     s o n g ,     t h e     D J              s t o p p e d   i t              a n d     s a i d ,
"just kidding!"     and  proceeded  to  play
"You BeLonG with Me" bY TaYLor Swift.
T h i s         m a d e         m y         w h o l e         d a y .

i hope kanye doesn't show up to patrick swayze's funeral.
" i'll let you get back to your funeral in a minute... but michael
jackson had the best death of the year. just sayinnn ".

lmaoo, facebook<3
If  guy compliments your shirt,
He's really saying he likes the  way your boobs look in that shirt
If a guy compliments xxxxxx your pants,
h e  l i k e s  y o u r 
a s s 
If he compliments ( y o u r    s h o e s )
well hun, he's ga

omggg all minee (:
so proud of myself for coming up with it !!!!
yay (: !!!