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, what's up ? =D

Here's a bit about me =).

- I love reading, movies, music & qu0tes [ obviously ].
-  I Absolutely Looove Twilight - the series !
- I love to smile, but I don't too often.
- I love to laugh and that happens easily, thanks to my friends. ; )
- I've been through alot of crap // just like everyone;
        and I'm here to share it. To write about it & to try and help others
        get through anything. I didn't have anyone by my side through most 
        times, and I wouldn't like for anyone to go through that Alone.
- It's quotes and songs that pretty much get me through the day.
- ToBeJulietsSecret; Thank you for everything. You are my hero.
        Your songs speak the words I've longed to hear.
- I like to make friends, though I'm shy - unfortionatly.
- I'm pretty much bananas & proud of it - but also sensible when needed.
- I lost one of the most impotant people in my life about a year ago.
        Not by death, or moving away. We just aren't friends anymore. It hurts. Alot.
        I've never told anyone about this- no oneknew we were close; but somehow
        I feel like there's noone//nothing I can trust more than WittyProfiles.
- Don't have much more to say.
- I'll update once in a while...
- Also, Im pretty good at giving advice so feel free
              to ask if y0u wanna know anything or need help. =]

You probably quit reading at the first sentence - but that's fine.
I like to talk to myself  =].


& lo0k at my quotes. Most are mine; & I'm quite proud =].  Some are ones I read on other sites or from movies = ) . I try as hard as I can not to Jock. If I do, it's not on purpose, & just tell me so I know..
Follow me. =]
Favorite my quotes. =)


Talk to me. =D

That's about it..




- Someday, your gonna look at me & recognize my dazzled eyes & broken
- Thats the day when I'm gonna recognize the boy that once meant everything to me & nothing less; but changed.

The worst thing is fighting over who loved who more;
 & finding out that you were right.


Fractured by childish fears.
The ones that stopped me from being

These scars I wear;
'cause you didn't care.

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never quit on music                    

I swear I . . .    I'm Sad, I Need You   backspace

I just want someone to be there for me.


It hurts so much more
with every breath I take.

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Quotes by x_br0ken_x

I need a change from this burnout scene;
Another time, another town, another everything.
I guess life's not all it's

   cracked up to be.

Because I can't feel it. Aren't I supposed to feel it?
To feel something?

I don't feel anything.

Because the world needs to know that they were wrong;
beauty. About life.

Sometimes I wonder;
what my life looks like, through someone else's eyes.

Do you remember?
In school, the worst punishment was being seated next to a boy.

I have no real-life friends on witty. I haven't told any of them about it.
Because it's private.
It's a safe place where I can be myself, and I won't be made fun of.
I swear, if they ever found out, I'd feel my heart being ripped out.
It's more than just a site to write on; it's
Witty Profiles.
I mean, come on; it might be full of jockers and facebook pages,
and barely any people write real quotes anymore,
But deep down,
Witty Profiles saved us.
I am sure that most girls on here saw a quote once
on this site and they felt special or they felt as if they mattered.
Deep down,
Witty Profiles is the only site you can lean back on,
be real on and not get teased for it.

Witty Profiles is my secret addiction; my extraordinary haven;
my lifesaver.

Maybe I'm just dumb and this i already on Witty Profiles;
but I think we need to have a page with all the comments we posted on quotes.
Because I comment, and then I can't go back to see if they replied. :(
Anyone else feel the same way?