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Quotes by x_damaged_x


not who loves you.


and when I fell in love with
the color of your eyes, I knew
there was no turning back.

But I'll still believe
Though there's cracks you'll see,
When I'm on my knees,
I'll still believe.

And when I've hit the ground,
neither lost nor found
if you'll believe in me
I'll still believe.


A mind that is stretched
by a new experience
can never go back to
it's old dimensions.

I tried to forget, but
you grew roots around my ribcage, and sprouted
flowers just below my collarbones. All day, I
pluck their petals, but I have not yet
ascertained whether you love me,
or not.


E     v     e     r     y           s     e     v     e     n           y     e     a      r     s     .
Every seven years,
our bodies change.
E v e r y  c e l l.
Every seven years,
we disappear.
I want to be someone who
you can't just lose interest in so easily.
Someone you want to be around.
Someone you want to experience.

My father always used to say-

"Nobody will ever love you
the way you love them."

and I never understood
what he meant until
the day your eyes

stopped sparkling.

No matter
how big your house is,
how recent your car is,
or how big your bank account is,
our graves will remain the same size.
Stay humble.


Isn't is sad that we have to
carve our stories in our arms for anyone to listen to us?