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E m i l y  ♥

"love is when you find someone you can really be yourself with."
Music is my life.
I love hugs...especially ones with him.♥
I want to change someones life, make a difference,
i have like no self confidence,

I have the most amazing best friend in the world!
and guess what?

you're beautiful.

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Sometimes, there are things that are worth the chance
and when you find them,
nothing else in the world even matters.

 'I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.'


Quotes by x_emily_x

Me: Youre just going to have to deal with me being a complete loser,  wanting to talk to you all the time, eating 24 hours a day, secretly being in love with Taylor Swift and having a hot chocolate obsession

Him; Talking to you is like my whole life, i eat all the time and last week i got told off for using all the hot chocolate powder up...and please, I sing Taylor Swift around school

...he's perfect


I'm completely in love

with the feeling of being in love.
I love the fact witty's formating is gone, 

it gives real quotes the chance to shine :)
thats the last time i let down my walls 

It's crazy how things change

Yes, I like him.
No, I'm not in love with him,
//////// but his smile makes me smile and his laugh makes me laugh♥

theres so many girls wanting to be with him
and his ex-girlfriend is still in love with him

i'm just hoping and praying that i dont fall for him,
because if i do I know ill never be with him
and honestly?
I dont want to go through rejection




just don'know

Who to trust and talk to anymore

format: meganstock

You have no idea,

So please don't just 'pressume' you know it all.


its funny, coz no one has even noticed

I hope you realise just how upset you made her.

the besfeelinis,
when you catch eye contact with the person you like,

and they are already looking.