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hi im lauren nicole. im an amazing person. some people dont see that though. they think i feel sorry for myself when really i dont. I just care what people say about me. Thats not really a good thing but its true. if they want to make fun of me they can, There not hurting me as much as there hurting themselves. because it will come back to get them eventually. i think that everyone deseveres another chance too get things right. but some people i know dont think that. everyone makes mistakes. i make mistakes everyday of my life. trust me its not fun either. talk to me at www.myspace.com/stupid4ever. kthanks.

Quotes by x_emotional_x

Why is there a thing called "Love".
It just gets people close 2 each other
and then
eventually breaks someones heart...
im happy 4 u... really.... its just i still love him </3
I thought you loved me
but you loved my best friend
and now your'e happy and she is too...
but why am I not happy is it becuz your going out with her
or because shes going out with you...=/
Why did I ever love you
Why did I trick myself into beliving you cared
Why did I trust you with my heart
Why did I say i love you

and the most important why did you say you loved me............if it wasnt true
So she found the necklace her ex-boyfriend gave to her.
She started to cry....
She went on to the computer and then talked to her friends and told them how she felt.
she found out who her true friends are that night...
Nobody seemed to care that she cried everynight and everyday when nobody was looking. its just what she expected.
To be all alone in the world.
I didn't cry myself to asleep to be loved by anyone
i criend myself 2 be loved by you...
Why cant you understand that???
will eventually
turn to BLACK
will eventually
turn to a DARK BLACK