Aяιαηηα Mα∂∂αℓєηα Cяιηαмσятє*

Status: I feel cold... :'(
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Howdy partner! I’m Saira, and here be my profile! ARGHH! I am the epitome of awesome as many people would tell you. Huh, I used a clever word! *showered by roses*
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Name: I already said! DUH!
Age: 14
Occupation: A little bit of this and that (that means I don’t have one)
Hobbies: unleashing random bursts of awesomeness, reading (especially Percy Jackson and Harry Potter), eating, eating, eating and arty farty stuff

Me likes…
v  Being awesome
v  Reading
v  Eating (food mostly)
v  Watching TV
v  My Mommy
v  My Daddy
v  Myself
v  My reflection

Me no likes…
v  Your reflection (Joking! I’m not that mean)
v  Errm… saying ermm?
v  Not making sense like I just did
v  And being confused like now
v  And confusing you… like now
v  Mean people
v  Awkward silences… like now

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Quotes by Aяιαηηα Mα∂∂αℓєηα Cяιηαмσятє*

Me: *looks at Percy Jackson memes*
Me: *laugh*
Person: What are you laughing about?
Person: *looks over my shoulder*
Me: Go away. I want to fangirl.
Me: Alone. *glares*
Person: Can I ask you a favour?
Me: The answer will always be yes, unless no is required...
Person: ...
Person: Stop quoting Madagascar.
Person: Please.

The name's so nice, you say it twice
In the timeless time, before our time
When You called us forth to bear witness
Following the devout

I answered “Yes, without the shadow of a doubt
Your Spoken Word, was what I’d heard
As I stumbled into wakefulness
As we gathered about

It sti r r ed me within as it shook me without

And the years they passed till the day at last
I awoke with a cry – oh, the pain of s e ver a nc e!
And then I felt it again, and again
But there was a mercy that was hidden in the pain
Ravenous desire, a burning fire
Who am I to claim a share in deliverance?
I can always explain
But my time’s running out and my guilt is pain

-Sound of Tears by Nader Khan
I'm not claiming to be perfect, I know what a curve is
But a
woman's worth isn't just on the surface
I see too many young women
craving affection
Degrading themselves for a male's attention
I know it's
love that you're certain that you felt
But messing with these different guys you're just

searching for yourself

- Something Wonderful by Lowkey
Pass through the world,
but don't let it pass through you.
"I am the thinker who thinks of thought. I am curiosity, I am reason, I am love and I am hatred. I am indifference. I am the son of a father, who in turn was a father's son. I am the reason my mother laughed and the reason my mother cried. I am wonder and I am wondrous. Yes, the world may push your buttons as it passes through your circuitry. But the world does not pass through me. It lingers. I am in it and it is in me. I am the means by which the universe has come to know itself. I am the thing no machine can ever make. I am meaning."
~Genesis by Bernard Beckett

This is for Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank, Gaza,
This is for the child that is searching for an answer,
I wish I could take your tears and replace them with laughter,
Long live Palestine, Long live Gaza!

-Long Live Palestine by Lowkey

My pen fires at the men who defend liars,

I send fire till the end of your empire

-We Will Rise by Lowkey

Weekly Food question tres:
Tuna or no Tuna?

Weekly Food question dos:
P.S. You have to actually answer the question.