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Hey I'm Ashley:)
January 27, 15 years old
I love sports, basketball, softball,
track, volleyball, and tennis!
Music is amazing, if you know a
good song leave it in a comment.
Or if not, I still like to talk:)

Yes, i do love One Direction ♥


Please no hate:)

Quotes by xashleyx01


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              First known picture of Michael Phelps.




I would betray all of you in the Hunger Games.
I would lure everyone to the Cornucopia
with promises of free wi-fi.



 Dear <,
Just think, ten years ago, we didn't even know each
other. Bless this generation for bringing us together!
Sincerely, 3 


Teacher: So where did you guys go this summer?
Student 1: I went to Australia
Student 2: I went to Hong Kong
Me: I left my room, twice.

Quick! Pretend you're sleeping!
never gets old.




I promise I'll become a vegetarian when bacon grows on trees.



My neighbors listen to some excellent music everyday,
whether they want to or not.




Adding "ish" to the end of words
when you're uncertain about something




Pretending to "never get the text"
from someone who annoys you.





If you wake me up, and I don't get angry...
you must be pretty special.