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.I. dont wanna think about .yOu. or think about .mE. Dont wanna figure this out
.I. dont wanna think about .yOu. or think about nothin Dont wanna talk this one out .I. won't let you bring .mE. down cause .I. know, .I. don't wanna think about .yOu. don't wanna think about .yOu.

|Dont Wanna Think About You|

*Tahoma-Size 10*
{x} EverythinG InsidE ScreamS FoR a SeconD LifE [x}
.x.Hold On If You Feel Like Letting Go.x.
"That Was The Most Pussified Attempt That I Have Ever Seen"

: :_BaM mArGeRa_: :

^^Sexxiest Guy Aside From Benji Madden n Joel Madden n Travis Barker =)^^
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*fix it if its f*ct up!!*
My definition of school: boring waste of tyme that noone even really pays any attention to cuz their all sleeping and drooling

Dictionaries definition of school:An institution for the instruction of children or people under college age.

^^ That makes it sound like its a place where mental people go ^^
..ArOuNd MuH hOuSe..
(EiThEr BaNg It Up Or LeAvE oNe)
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|.|tHeSe ChIcKs DoN't EvEn KnOw ThE nAmE oF mUh BaNd.. BuT tHeY aLl On Me LiKe ThEy WaNnA hOlD hAnDz.. AlL cUz I'm ThE lEaD sInGeR oF mUh BaNd.. MuH bAnD.. mUh BaNd... MuH bAnD..mUh BaNd!! |.|

¡è-D12 Featuring Eminem©ÈMy Band-¡è
(( Crawling In My Skin ))
)) These Wounds Wont Seem To Heel((
(( Fear Is How I Fall ))
)) Confusing What Is Real.. ((

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