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eyy. whatsz goodiie wittyprofile? i go by my government name ONLY, which is alyssa. to make a long story short, ima very easy goin person.loud.krazy.all that iish. im goin 2 college next year for grafic design. ill b 18 the LAST day in january. i use to help ppl wit their aim profiles/myspace, but im too busy now. i dont even do my own. mayb one day ill do it again, but for right now, im layin low. im still madd chill to talk 2, so feel free to add my MYSPACE an drop some LOVE. http://www.myspace.com/x0h_i_think_dey_like_me ADD!

Quotes by xbabygurl4u2NV

i understand girls talk behind my back..but the thing is, im real and thats something they lack.
ThiS giRl hEre Is oNe oF a kInd
Do i CarE whAt yOu tHinK?
-heLL naW-
juSt kEep ThaT in MinD

u say u not a hoe
...aiight, no doubt...
next time ya say that
be sure to wipe ya mouth

The More friends You Got
The more Problems You See
Cuz Everyone Thats A Part Of your Life
talks shyt when you can`t see


iF u GoT sUmThIn tO sAy To Me SaY iT StRaiGhT
*CaUsE bEiN aLL sHaDy iS OnE tHiNg i HaTe* 

U SwEaR U KnOw Me
CuZ Ya HeArD My NaMe
BuT iF Ya EvA rEaLLy MeT Me
YuD KnOw Da GaMe
dRaMa NeVa EnDs And HaTaS ArE aLL tHa SaMe
tHeY sMiLe To Ya FacE aNd sPiT oN yA NaMe

ByTcHeZ tHrOwIn ShYt On My NaME.. DaTs A sHaME..
It AiNt Muh FaUlT iM
da HoTtEsT bYtcH iN dA gAmE

One who is willing to gossip to you, is willing to gossip about you.