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eyy. whatsz goodiie wittyprofile? i go by my government name ONLY, which is alyssa. to make a long story short, ima very easy goin person.loud.krazy.all that iish. im goin 2 college next year for grafic design. ill b 18 the LAST day in january. i use to help ppl wit their aim profiles/myspace, but im too busy now. i dont even do my own. mayb one day ill do it again, but for right now, im layin low. im still madd chill to talk 2, so feel free to add my MYSPACE an drop some LOVE. http://www.myspace.com/x0h_i_think_dey_like_me ADD!

Quotes by xbabygurl4u2NV

if your gonna be twofaced sweetie at least make one prettyyy.

iF uR GoNNa tALk . frOnT -N- hAtE
FirsT maKe sUrE yA fAcTs R sTraiGht
CuZ WutEvA YeW ThiNk I aM
ChaNCeSz ArE. . I AiNt

BeFoRe u JuDgE Me ..TaKe a GooD LoOk aT yOu..
dOnT u HaVe aNytHiNq BetteR tA dO?
sEeMz tA Me YeR a LiL sLoW tO uNdAStAnD..
-iGnORaNCe & JeALoUsY- Go HaNd iN HaNd

YoU rEaLLy aInT thAt PrEtTy
YoU rEaLLY aInT thAt sMaRt
So WhAt gIVeS u tHa RigHt
To ThInK u CaN tEaR PeoPle aPaRt?

iF yOu gOt a PrObLeM wIt mE
- WoRk iT oUt -
iF u ThInK uR aLmOsT hOtTer thaN mE
-ALmOsT dOeSnt CoUNT -
its funny how poeple
have the most to say

if you qot somthin to say to me,
- - qive it to me straiqht - -
cause beinq all Shady is one thinq i hate
if you qot a problem with me
- - brinq on ya qame - -
cause you & i arent quite tha same..
see, my style is [tiGht] while you're said to be *LoOse*
so im qonna qive you an option to choose.
dont cross me aqain unless u wanna qet messed up
Cuz we all know you're fake
- - even your bra is a push up - -
you qet on my level & lemme see what yer all about
- - either way qirl - -
ya qame's about to be exited out

Don't fall for the guy
with those gorgeous eyes
until you have learned
what lies behind them

Back then, it meant so much to have you by my side. I always had your back and you always had mine.
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