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"& if it looks like we were scared to death, like a couple of kids
just tryin' to save eachother, you shoulda seen it in color."



Quotes by xbayx0

                 --->>*if you lie, you don't deserve to have friends;
 [if you lie, you don't deserve to have them]

*Cute is What We Aim For- Newport Living.*

          ♥ ♥ ♥           if a girl understands your bullshit, 
                                         sticks through your mistakes, 
                               smiles even when you did nothing for her,                
 *xo        its obvious shes a keeper.   
..but its also obvious you didn't deserve her.         

  *not my quote. 


                 him: you aren't part of my life,
you're the whole thing.



xoshe turned her cants into cans, 
  - - & dreams into plans.


- - eventually, i'm gonna stop waiting around.
i'm not gonna wait until you figure out who

you like. i mean yeah i love you, but i'm not
wasting the best  years  of  my  life  waiting
for you when i could be out  having the time
of my life && not thinking of you anymore.


i take 3 L's to the head;
       - - 
Love, Live, Life; then i'm dead.


[& oh sweet perfection] won't you hear my one confession?

i've been lost, but dear- i'm found.
♥ ♥ ♥

him: you have no idea how bad i want to be with you.


You'll never find the right person xo 
f you don't let go of the wrong one.

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