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Quotes by xbeachbabessx21

i have been smiling for the past 2 hours;
                                                                                           only because i havent stopped talking to you about random stuff.
not my fade thoug
don't worry about it till it happens
[( )]
Someday I may find my prince charming, but my daddy.. He
[(   will always be my King. <3    )]

sparkle in her eyes.?

oh, that's just the sign of letting you know, [( tears )] are about to fall.

my edit not my quote
 S   u     m     r 

creditt too xbeachxoxcutieo
    it's that butterfly-fluttering,
  h  e  a  r  t  -  m  e  l  t  i  n  g ,
      " your everything
i want , "
    day dreamin' heart drawin'
              kind of crush

not all mine changed somee words

   Bare feet summer heat cool nightswater fights
                 --->sleeping in   sneaking out

          *that's what summer's all about*


            Y     o   u   r     a    l    l                                            ♥                                     t   h  a  t         i       w     a     n     t    e      d      ,       

everything i dreamed of

mineee credit pleasee<333
i wonder what if. what if i just broke down crying, would you stop my tears?
what if i died tomorrow, would you cry & miss me?
what if i told you how i felt, would you feel the same?
what if i stopped loving you, would you finally love me backk?
what if i got up and left, would you follow after me?

mine.. credit

ventt :|
never been hurt as much as this before.