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 A day to be
Hai. My names LilyJane. I had another account on here called Smiile4mehbabe24, but i don't use it anymore.
 I'm a pretty easy person to get along with and I love meating new friends, the only problem with that?, well I'm what you would call,,, socially awkward ; ) so don't be shy! I try to live bythe motto "Never regret, becuase at one poiint it was exactly what you wanted. I live for turning awkward moments into funny situations.
I also live by myyy sellf motto of, "If I can't help myself, I will help other people." I live by this because I battle daily with severe depression. It's not that I've had an abosolutely terrible liife, I've just been through alot of unneeded situations. Not too mention I've got a chemicle problem going on. No biggie. Life must go on? Right? Right. : I
I hate when people leave me. Not in a clingy way, but in a "I was so used to being great friends with you and suddenly you go and backstab me ya sonofabitch!"
I'm extremely random, and try to be full of energy as much as I can.
God is my rock.
Sophmore in Highschool, woooh.
I like helping people or just listening to vents, so don't hesitate : )
I like watching anime, and I read alot. I also love hanging with friends.
Random fact, I am bisexual, don't like it, don't talk to me, or don't mention it. Nuff said.
Things I hate;
People who lie.
People who are fake.
Life. ; )
People who leave.
People who try to tell me:
1.) Who I Am,
2.) What I did,
3.) What I'm Doing.
Heart Break</3
Things I love;
My best friend.
Writing stories and poems.
Being a kid.
Not caring.
The scent of new cars : D
Guy friends who respect you.
&& Rain<3 ; D
I'll like anything thats not country
along with most hip hop -_-
[No Order]
The Killers, Belle and Sebastian,
Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold,
Secondhand Serenade, Snow Patrol,
DeathCabForCutie, Madona, Linka,
Dead By Surnise, I Set My Friends On Fire,
Tearwave, Stars, Bon Iver, Blink 182,
Morgan Lawrence, Greenday,
Annnddddd Yeahhh
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Oh hai there.
Do you like these trees?
I do. 

Well.  Let's see.  I like grammar.  Grammar is my best friend.
I guess I'm a person, but honestly, I don't think I am.
I think I'm something else.

This is like a diary.
Please respect it.

Well, this is awkward.
Should we shake hands?
J.k. human contact is gross. : D
So I am me, Lily.
I am lots of things.
I'd like to think that I am everything,
I just haven't reached it yet,
or that maybe I can reach it,
but never will.
Everything is here for me,
but it just isn't tangible.
Everything is in the space that
surrounds us, and I am inside space,
therefore, can't I be everything too?
Can't I fade into it all?
The everythings and nothings?
See my thought process?
I'm kind of odd.


A half of a whole?


Okay, here's the basic run-down:
~Junior in the fall, 16 as of Oct 18th
~God is a rock
~Not a fan of bull shit, so take it else where
~ I love talking to people
~Everyday I'm Tumblin' <- ask?
~Not a fan of facebook
~Currently I have to pee
~Leaveee someeee lovvvinn's?
~I kinda prefer black and white quotes
-Want to know a good way to piss me off?
Typing like you have no fingers.
So please, if you can help it,
dnt typ lik dis.

"Be humble foyou are made of earth. Be
e for you are made of stars. "


Quotes by xbeautifulx_Xnightmare

I feel like I'll never know if I'm in love or not.  You should just know.  You should just feel it.  But I feel like I wont be able to tell how I feel until its over or something bad happens. Which isn't good.  I wish my emotions weren't so f*cked up and that I could just feel normal things. 
 I’m really comfortable being naked around him.  It just feels nice, laying in his arms with nothing on and loosing myself in his scent and power.   It's just nice having his chin resting on my shoulder, and having his arms around me.  Despite what most people would assume of the quiet awkward guy that has out bursts of emotions- he's really caring. Things are just chill and nice.  
That awkward moment when you find out that you're a robot created by God to spy on all of your friends killing strangers.
~If you watch anime and know what I mean feel free to fangirl with me.
So during lunch someone took a picture of me bending over and my thong is sticking out and then put it on facebook.  My face isn’t in it, and honestly it could be anyone in the picture, but the thing is I wear the same type of clothes everyday so someone is bound to notice it was me.  I don’t know whether to cry or be entertained.  Sigh. For the most part, I’m kind of disgusted. 
I have no motivation to breathe anymore.  Everything is just so pointless.  My life has been pointless since I was eight.  I'm tired.  I've seen enough here, I've been through enough.  I've had good times and I've had bad times.  And now I'm just tired. 

It was worse at night.


I want to make you happy
but I don't know how to.

That one quote that defies the laws of science
and f*cks up the entire page.