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hey guys!! whats up? my name is sarah- thats all im telling u- i think of most- not all- of these (some i don't take credit for...-and i really hope that if there was an authors name involved you will keep it with the quote- give them credit- thanks alot! only im me if u REALLY need to- i really like 2 run, play bball and soccer and i love hanging out w/ my peeps- lol- I LOVE fall out boy, all-american rejects, trapt, the fray, blink182, greenday, lifehouse, ben folds, coldplay, and panic!at the disco. i like making up away messages and quotes etc- idk y- its just fun when im bored- lol- AND IF ANY ONE TAKES MY WORK AND TAKES CREDIT FOR IT I'M GONNA BE SO MAD AND YOU WILL PAY!!! MARK MY WORDS!! lol o ya AND IF ANYONE TAKES ANYONE'S QUOTE THAT THEY MADE UP I'M GONNA STAND UP FOR THEM CUZ THATS A LOAD OF BULL!! lol i mean it :) and if you do copy...you join the list....ttyl pz out! list of ppl that have copied... xo_kiss_me_ox xXkikidiXx7 courtney_x3 morganx3o yeahimshortso popurcollar NOBODY_LIKES_YOU Iloveyouxx3 MissLonely

Quotes by xc_babe2010

Look to the past
And remember her smile
And maybe tonight
I can breathe for awhile
I'm not in the seat
I think I'm fallin' asleep
But then all that it means is

*~**~*I'll always be dreaming of you *~**~*

feeling this by blink182
days come and go
but my feelings for you are forever
one last kiss...before i go... dry your tears
it is time, to let you go
one last kiss

papa roach- forever
NEVER waste an oppertunity to say "i love you" to someone- because oppertunities are lost in the blink of an eye and regrets can last a life time
you must learn to love with everything you've got- because what you give is what you get and no matter what, you shouldnt give up just yet...

100% minnnee- use it but dont take credit por favor
wish for the best
expect for the worst
life isnt a movie
its all unrehersed
if you are having trouble letting go of the one you love, think about some of the negative things, i know that sounds bad but when i couldnt get over a guy i liked heres what one of my guy friends said:

me- i need you to b honest
me-am i annoying?
him-y? who said you were?
me-the guy i like did (i used his name but i dont think we can do that here so ya-and this was all on aim 2 just fyi)
him-forget about him (he used the name 2)
him-hes not worth your time and i bet you could do better

that was so sweet and it was in SO much more detail then that cuz it was an aim convo so ya.
its hard to love again after youve given up on the one you love
If the grand canyon is just some ditch, if dorothy and toto fought just some witch, if babe ruth is just some guy with a glove, then baby, this is just some love
Time has made me strong, I'm starting to move on, your chance has come and gone.