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Hi my birthday is july 23rd,
I guess these quotes are to inspire people or to vent.
Well, I guess people would consider me a happy person, but ideekaye about that.
I'm happily taken, therefore I don't flirt.
I'm awkward and I love making friends.
I care too much, an I forgive too much.
Talk to me, kay? I don't bite c:


Quotes by xcayliebabyx


I've never actually seen a bully,
steal a nerds lunch money.
It hurts me,
to know that you don't even care..

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comment your KIK's or iMessage's... please?.


f/cked up,
narotic,  and emotional...


BravoSierra's format
it just makes me feel strong when i say it..


Favorite my new story :)
It hurts me so bad,
and you don't even care..


You said you would never hurt me,

It's sad that you broke that promise.


I always play Temple Run better,

when i'm mad.


Just give me time, okay?

That's all I need...