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What up in da h00d? Hah, kidding. Hiya, I'm h0peful. But you may address me as Joy. I'm an idiotic asshole. I make mistakes, I screw up, I lose a lot of things I love. People come and go in my life. There's always that one guy stuck in my mind everyday. I laugh at pretty much everything. I use a lot of emoticons when I type. See? c: I can be a bitch, or I can be sweet. It depends on how badly you piss me off. I get annoyed, and I annoy easily. So we're even. I hate people who don't even try to use punctuation when they type. I curse too much.. Fuck. I love to draw, and write. I love hearing scary stories even though I get scared afterwards. I act like a four year old in a teen's body. I enjoy making layouts as well as quotes. I hope to become a professional photographer, or writer someday.

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BREAKTHROUGH_ 8 years ago
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noothin much. homework and such. D: meep. i hate schoooool.
xcoloradosunrise 8 years ago
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Read. Reply. Delete. c: