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 Hii I'm cortney (just incase you didnt get that from my username :P). I live in Massachusetts and im fell out of the womb on december 15th 1997. In case you dont do math that means im 15 years young :). Yup that means I'm a freshman in high schooyear and I'm planning on trying out for soccer next year. :) I also use way to many smiley faces when i type. I am currently single and I have 3 bestfriends and I love them all theyre names are Cheyenne,Michala, and Brittany.Soo I think that's it, kayy well bii. 
P.S. Follow for a Follow.
   I listen to a variety of things but I love music and my favorite band's are Paramore, One direction(I dont post quotes about them),Blood on the dance floor,Silverstein and alot of others c:
My favorite solo artist's are Demi Lovato! <3, Carly Rae Jepsen,Katy Perry,Lady Gaga, Karmin,Eminem,and Taylor Swift

Oh and btw my profile is from http://narwhallayouts.weebly.com/
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Quotes by xcortneyx

Am I the only one who can't login on witty from the mobile site???
I am on a computer now but I cant get on the mobile site from my ipod -_______-

My quote got on top 24 hours and even though its the bottom one on page sixteen it still counts and i love all of you who faved it *hugs* sorry just have to say that it was nice to wake up to this morning i love you alll! :)
Me: *Lays down in bed and gets
nice and comfy and is about
to fall asleep*
Bladder: Now you have to pee
Me: ughhh -______-
If I swallowed a sham-wow would
I dehydrate and die?!?
Are you okayy can be most
devastating words to me :(
My sister: Did you hear that???
Me: Hear what??
Her: I just heard lightning!!!!
Me: ......
Her: What?!?
Me: You heard lightning???
Her: -___-
...I'm so afraid of losing anything I
love that I refuse to love anything- Jonathan Safran Foer

This is my life in a nutshell.
Some people feel the rain
others just get
wet- Bob Marley
I hate when people don't believe in ghosts I mean I understand its a matter of opinion and belief but for some people (people like me) it makes me feel like the people i've lost are still with me in some shape or form and thats a comfort to me so even if you don't believe in ghosts don't try to convince me they're not real!!! :)
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