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I love you megan!

Why hello there creeper on my profile!
Just kidding, I love you
My name is Katie. I'm 14 years old and a frosh in high school. I may seem like your typical emo/scene/skater chick but I got my own style goin on. Life=Music, Friends, and Animals. They all balance my twisted little world and I don't know what I would do without one or the other. I am a vegetarian and I have been for over a year. I get such crap for it (then again I get crap for a lot of things haha) but I don't care cause I DO NOT believe it is right to kill anything. Everything and everyone has a purpose here and it's not right to take that away. My friends are very faithful to me and I'm lucky to have them. When things are rough they are my family. They are always there for me as I am for them. We have each other's backs. I love music and there isn't a second in the day where something isn't playing in my head. My favorite bands are Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Otep, Korn, A Day To Remember, Flyleaf, Chiodos, Attack Attack, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Dorians Decay, Escape the Fate, Seether, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Underoath, and many many many more. I am bisexual and proud. I do not believe that just because someone is a certain sexuality that they should be treated any different from someone else. Once you get to know me you realize that I am a very deep person and believe everyone has a purpose. I'm really good at giving advice casue I have been through a lot so if you need anything just go ahead and comment. Dont be afraid :)


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Quotes by xdisenchantedx

 He is teaching me--------
-----------------What love really means
 A boyfriend and girlfriend were 
Messing--- around and running
Around the-- school- [together]
They decided ---to -sit on- the
Stairs --and --talk --for awhile

--Him: Let me see your mood ring!
----r I want to see if it works

She --gives ---him the ring and 
Giggles when ----they see how
It only fits on his-- pinky finger

Him: What does green mean?
--------Her: Happy
--Him: This thing is wrong. It
---------Doesn't work

The------- girl -------frowns
------Her: You're not happy?
-------------Him: nope
---Her: Why aren't you happy?
-----Him: Cause I'm

He-- leans in and--- kisses her
And for-- the first time---since
Their --big--- fight, he told her
----I love you
And she---knew --he meant it.

&The scars remind us          
          [[That the past is real]]

Ive never felt this way
When just at the thought of you
The butterflys go crazy in my tummy
And I cant think straight
I feel like Im going to pass out
>>Then the bell rings<<
And I run out that door so f-a-s-t
Its like I was never there
I run down the stairs
And turn d-o-w-n the hall
And there you are
Waiting, for me, at my locker
I have to [[stop]] and catch my breath
Because just the sight of you
Takes my breath away
Then you run up and hug me
And I feel my body tremble
You make me so w.x.e.x.a.x.k
So vuneralbe
Because I feel like I can trust you
If I let my gaurd down
I know you'll protect me
Then you kiss me
And everything seems to go away
Nothing else matters
>>Because we're together<<
I never want you to let go
Because you mean the world to me
I promised Id never fall in love agian
[[But could it be]]
Ive broken my promise?

"People are born so they can learn to live a good life
Like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?
Well dogs dont need to live as long
Because they already know how to do that"

Background: A six year olds dog had cancer
And it got so bad they had to put the dog down
They asked the boy if he knew what was going on
And this is what he said
(My mom got it in an email so no credit for the words haha)
I miss him more then he knows
But not just him in gerneral
Not the dick face I remember him as
No hes the last thing I miss
But the sweet funny guy I love
Yeah that guy
My best friend
Hes changed so much and
I want nothing to do with him
But I miss him so much
I just want

Sorryy kinda bad in a rush
These   slippers   give   my   feet   that
Warm        fuzzy      feeling
You             give           my         

Haha its really baddd i know haha
Im not very good about math
But I know that
You + Me =
Though the sun is gone
- - - ->>I have a

Kurt Cobain