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about me
Hey, the name's Emily.
I'm 17. My birthday is December 24, 1992.
I'Christian. I'm Irish-Slovakian-American.
I'm bisexual. I believeveryone is.
This is my opinon, and if you don't agree, good foyou,
but it's not going to change what I think.
I'm OBSESSED witHarry Potter, and I fucking HATE Twilight.
Anybody who knows meknows that.
I love to make graphics, whether it's edits of people'pictures,
or wallpapers of celebrities or movies.
I also love to takphotographs, and it's killing me because
my camera is broken righnow.
So I pass the time making graphics.
They're not awesomebut they're okay.
Check out my deviant ART: etherealemzo. :D
Sthat's the basics.
Feel free to ask me anything if you're morcurious.

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1,000 faves.
this is a representation of your lives.

have a nice day.
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Quotes by xemthestrangex

Dear hair:         
               I'm sorry I burn you to death every day...
                                                                you just look better straight!
making   you   realize   that   H a n s o  wasn't   that   b a d
have to be a 90's kid to get it =D

so, there's this thing
I  think
  it's  called
"a  l i f e"
they might sell them on eBay.
you should get one.
baby,    y o u ' r e
b e a  u  t  f u l
a  n  d      h  e  r  e  s
n o t h i n g
wrong   w i t h  y o u.

Whataya Want From Me- Adam Lambert
Team    E d w a r d   ?
Ooh,        y   a   y,         a         creepy        s t a l k e r   .
Team    J a c o b  ?
Y  E  S  ,          a          b o r d e r l i n e          r a p i s t   !
I'm Team Tyler's Van.

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