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Today's talk is about


Hello my lovely followers or readers ! So sorry for not posting more often , school is taking up alot of my time and worries and like today's topic alot of STRESS.
Stress is something everyone has and everyone hates it cause it brings you down , give u headaches, make you break out or have a mental breakdown. It is just horrible. The worst thing is that stress is something you will expierence THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE. People that are humble and lucky enough to have the type of mind and personality that allows them to not be so stressful over things are lucky. 
Me personally , I hate being stressed out cause then i get all cranky and grumpy and even unfriendly. Showing off how stress you are is quite and unattractive quality. So today I am going to be sharing my own personal tips on how to relive stress. 

Tip #1 : Talk it out 
It's not always good to keep your emotions and feeling lock away. Sometimes when you are stressed out, all you need is a good talk to a friend , adult or maybe to yourself even. Share the thought relives the tense feeling inside your head full of problems that is causing the stress. 

Tip # 2 :  School work + Fun 
Most people get stressed from school work , or projects and assignments. The best way to go through the effort of completing the assignment is to have fun while doing it. I usually listen to music and dance around while doing simple homework that doesnt require as much focus but still needs to be done if that makes sense.

Tip # 3 : Time Management
If you have way to many things that needs to be done at once, that will cause alot of pressure and stress on yourself. The best thing you can do is to plan out what needs to be done when. Manage the time with the assignments. How long will it take. when is it due. Keep those things in mind and space out the work so it isnt crammed up into one mess. 

So think 
What are you going to do to relive your stress?


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Today's talk is about


Hello my beautiful and handsome followers!! I just want to quickly thank everyone that is following me so THANK YOU!! I really appreciate that some of you actually read my lectures or rants about life and stuff. I honestly am touched that people fave them or comment , especially comments ! I do read them all x] My goal is hopfully 1k if not then 200-500. I want to reach out to many people as possible who needs some advice or inspiration or light to their life c: So thank you thank you thank you to all ^-^

So today's topic is *drum roll* Commitment!! Commitment and Dedication two very important things to ANYTHING in life wether is a relashionship, career goal or something simple like doing your homework or staying fit. ( btw if you guys want some post on how to live a healthier life comment pleaseeee ).

How did commitment effect me? Well it started in the begining of summer where i really wanted to loose some wieght. What i did first was finding something that inspired me or motivate me which is also important. So i found my motivation and started getting to work! Through out the journey it was hard to stick with the changes in my meals and life. Commitment Commitment Commitment is what i would repeat in my head. And sooner or later i got use to the changes and when i saw results i sticked to it even better !! So Commitment is hard at first but once you stay commited it will be hard to let go c; 

so ask yourself. . .

Can i be Commited to my Goal ? 

T H I N K 

Do You Guys like my "Lets Talk

about posts?"

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Today's talk is about


Is gossiping necessary? The mouth can say so many beautiful things like when a child says "mama" for the first time or " will you be mine" "will you marry me" and "i love you"but this little thing could also say alot of mean things that could destroy someone like "your ugly", "no one like you", "go back to your country". People can't never feel happy for one another.
Like Jealously, some people dont like to admit that they are jealous because they arent satsified with themself. People tend to compare themselves to people they dont know or people they only see in  pictures on tumblr, facebook and instagram. What people automatically so is get jealous of that person's life, looks and just think they are perfect. What people keep doing is comparing their entire life to a small picture . Once people stop comparing themselves to other people, they will start to love themself and that jealousy could get smaller. 
Gossiping is another thing that alot of people do cause they are insecure about themself or is just bored. I admit i gossip alot and i am curently trying to reduce that amount. Saying someone is fat isnt going to make you skinner. Saying someone is Ugly isnt going to make you any prettier and saying someone is dumb isnt going to make you any smarter, so choose your words carefully and use yor mouth to say things that can help someone else.

So think about the things you say or do. Is jealously and gossiping getting you anywhere in life??

Today's talk is about


There's so many ways to start this topic off but im going to try to keep it simple.
People these days need to stop using the word can't and switch it to can, will, or
try. So an example is in my family alot of us are trying to loose a some wieght or become healthier. The way to do that is by exericse AND healthier food choices. For me it was quite simple since i am a picky eater and dont eat very much so eatting healthy and exercising daily was easy but for my Mom is was a bit tricker, i catch her all the time snacking junk food and telling her she needs to quit the comfort food but she says she CAN'T and also exercising is hard for her because she gets tired easily and when i tell her to go on she says she CAN'T. That is why i lose wieght when she didnt because she kept negative thoughts about not being able to accomplish something.

Saying " I will do this.." or "I will try to change that.." and so on will change 
  your attitude to a more positive mind set, you will find yourself being more successful with your goal and even more happier! 

so ask yourself..
WILL i be a more positive person?,
CAN i TRY to accomplish the goals i have set?

 T h i n k 

Also is there something you guys would like me to talk or rant about ? comment below ^~^
Girls these days put themselves down way to much and its heart broken to see that people these days dont see the beauty inside themselves and don't get me wrong i too put myself down becuase i just focused on all the negative things i see in myself instead of all the positives. 

This is why when i saw the Dove campaign i realized how dumb and stupid of me to think so badlt of myself. If your in the same position then i suggest to watch the video, its really heart touching and makes you think and realize a whole new persepctive of yourself. 

Here is the link: 


 T h i n k 
A watermelon says " Why am i so big"
orange says " I hate my skin color"
strawberry says " I want to be taller"
banana says " I have no curves"
pear says " why am i so wide"
apple says " I wish i was skinny"
kiwi says " I am so hairy"
blueberry says " I am so weak

and I SAY 
" As long as your healthy it doesnt matter if your big or skinny. Beauty is in all shape and sizes. If we all looked the same then this world would be a very boring place to live in." 

T H I N K 

When someone judges you it says more about them than it does about you.


If someone comes out unreasonable or malicious, it says more about their character. They want to belittle others to make themselves feel better, they also have no concern for people's feelings and are agressive and like to harm others.People that have intergrity, are happy and confident about themselves and feel no need to lash out and hurt others.They spend their time helping and supporting and motiviating others.

so which are you? 


of you